You Know you Play RPGWW
Too Much When...


  1. FWNC's solve all problems.
  2. you are frightened of turban's.
  3. everytime you see an inn you make elaborate plots to burn it down.
  4. you have over 200 sprites on yer comp.
  5. you actually say pants and w00t in real life.
  6. you try to actually speak 733t.
  7. you avoid dogs........ especially ones that like to eat legs.
  8. you petition for bagaga to be in the dictionary.
  9. when you are asked where you went for the weekend you say, nekonia, land of cheese, boozeland, or doma.
  10. you expect 1/3 of your population to be half cat full cat or just meow.
  11. you ph33r the letter H.
  12. someone pisses you off and you do Boot2DaHead.
  13. you know ppl can be footstools.
  14. you stare at a vulture on the side of the road waiting for it to say indeed! but it just munches something crusty.
  15. you see a stick figure and automatically wonder what it's crossdressing name is.
  16. alter egos and double accounts are so second nature, that when in real life you have to train yourself not to talk in different voices for the two of them.
  17. you love a good spoinking.
  18. you beware the sqawnky.
  19. you tried to dye your ferret purple<---actually guilty of, heh, long story......
  20. you have dreams totally composed of sprites.
  21. fanbanners in your eyes are next to a good picasso.
  22. spam is a beeyutiful artform albeit annoying sometimes.
  23. you crack up in a play cos your one line is indeed.
  24. your aim buddies list has a huge chunk of just RPGWW peeps.
  25. you expect guys to outnumber girls 7 to 1.
  1. When you laugh heartly at the mention of the word spam
  2. When the Dog that likes the taste of billy no legs is AFTER YOU!!! THERE HE IS, BEHIND YOU!! DEAR LORD, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, RUN!!!
  1. You try to patent the phrase "Indeed."
  2. Every once in a while, you strip naked and run around in public.
  3. You can't stop writing ~ at the end of every sentence.
  4. Your teacher gives you an F on a test, and you tell her "But I have super intelligence powers! I dodge your F and fire you so you will be replaced!"
  5. You brag to your friends about how many posts you have.
  6. You pass up dates so you can stay home and make fanbanners.
  7. You give a speech in class and end it by quoting your signature.
  8. You threaten people who insult you with throwing them in various dungeon blocks.
  9. You never close a browser window pointed towards some thread, and refresh it periodically (guilty as charged).
  10. You sit at your computer anxiously waiting for people to reply to your posts.
  11. In art class, when you draw other people, you draw their sprites.
  12. You pick fights to gain EXP.
  13. Whenever someone starts arguing with you, you insist that they make intelligence checks every time they make a point.
  14. You rush to school wearing your bathrobe and declare "I am the most powerful mage ever! Fear me!"
  1. During heated games of Hungry Hungry Hippos and Monopoly, you begin denouncing the other players as "godmoders".
  2. You buy Sea Monkeys in the hopes that they will someday evolve into tentacle monsters.
  3. You say "Indeed" often enough for your friends to take up saying it, too. *Phil= guilty of this*
  4. You begin visiting in hopes of finding a 1337 w4r3z stand that sells canadian crack.
  5. You begin using the letters F, N, W, and C in rapid succession more often
  1. You use the word "Bagaga" as every other word
  2. you think you can actually shoot fireballs out of your hands
  3. you actually start dressing up as your character
  4. you run away at requests, as of fear of fanstuff making
  5. suggestions suddenly become abundant to you
  6. you mentally replace people with sprites as you see them
  7. due to your many personalities, you buy clothes, food, etc., for all of them
  8. you believe that the other rooms of your house are actually dungeons
  1. You jump off a tall building, thinking you will fly.
  2. You spell random RPGWW quotes(i.e. I refuse to write evil soldier.) on calculators and other stuff at school.
  3. You say "all your base" more often.
  4. Your first priority is "Burn enemiez with fire!!!" ("with fire" is there on purpose)
  5. Your grammer/spelling gets worse. (i.e. I iz kewl/I iz'nt not a twit!)
  6. You copy other peoples idea's and you change the color, take away parts, and add different parts(joke about editing/making sprite)
  1. you vow never to go to Canada
  2. you try to spam actual conversations
  3. you assume anyone who talks to their pets are black mages
  4. you think that jewellery and clothing will affect your statistics
  5. you can't hack metroid
Ash Fanrico
  1. You actually start quoting spam one-liners.
  2. You declare that you will save the world for you are a legendary hero.
  3. You try to buy "FNWC"s at a liquor store.
  4. Your fancomic ideas override your usual everyday thoughts. (I'm guilty of this one)
  5. You try to find people who wear turbans in Canada.
  6. You fall in love with a character's sprite.
  7. You call people who call others campers in Multiplayer games "Godmoders"
  1. You are genderless for at least a month
  2. is your homepage
  3. You see hard-looking people in the street and wonder if your level is higher than theirs so you can take them on
  4. You see short people and automatically assume they are black mages
  5. You refer to nuns as white mages (I do that)
  6. You believe you can save your game before doing something really stupid and life-threatening
  7. All your AIM buds are RPGWW pals (Guilty as charged)
  8. You think of burning a restaurant down if they don't serve bagaga
  9. You play rp's in the roof of your house (again, guilty as charged)
  10. you wander in the woods or bush, looking for monsters to fight
  11. It surprises you if an arb (NPC) speaks to you for no reason
  12. You run around asking for sidequests
  13. You ask if weapons are made of mythril
  14. If someone points a knife at you you're not scared unless it looks legendary
  15. You study the great Spammers to perfect the art
  16. In Scrabble you put down bagaga, and insist it is a real word
  17. You start promoting and demoting people accordingly
  18. You refer to singers as bards and wonder why no-one plays the harp
  19. Leveling Up is a job occupation
  20. You carry a dice around so you can practice your RP stats
  21. You stub your toe and your HP falls
  22. You try to STEAL from people out of battle
  23. You look for secret passages in buildings
  24. You mix potions in your spare time
  25. You try to start the barbecue with your bare hands
  26. You won't let people help you in fights so you don't have to share EXP
  27. You are afraid to sneeze in case your pixel compilation falls apart
Chrono Catfish
  1. You make you own Red Mage hat
  2. You try to figure out how to pronounce l33t
  3. You're evil as a hobby
  4. You think D&D doesn't have enough skill checks
  5. You attempt to win the lottery with *s
  1. You start using HTML speech
  2. You add Purple Monkey Dishwater to the grocery list
  3. You try to find "dwagons" at the pet store (Dammit, why do they never have any? )
  4. You try to find tentacle monsters at the pet store (o_O;; )
  5. You use the word "huggle" in real life so much that those around you adopt it (^_^)
  6. You argue with your schools' uniform/dress code coordinators that clothes are evil and oppressive and you should be able to come to class naked
  1. You go around killing people just to get enough COUrage to ask a girl out
  2. You make "Indeed" Competitions (who laughs loses)
  3. You watch fantasy stuff waiting for the dragons to show their sexy female human forms, then get really pissed off when some knight kills them to defend "some stupid human girl"
  4. You carry dice with you, just in case someone talks to you/ you walk over a slippery surface/ try something that isn't plain walking
  5. You get in a fight and ask someone to be the GameMaster.
  6. When you hit your opponent, you ask how much damage was done
  7. You wonder what the AC of your leather jacket and the AT of your baseball bat is
  8. You stride in battle, light from the sky shining off your leather jacket as you look at your enemy with determination, the sunlight reflecting off your eyes.  A large gang leader. This just isn't your day. You draw your baseball bat of humanoid slaying (+2) and charge valiantly into combat, uttering a prayer to the gods  as you run towards your tough, and maybe last opponent...
  9. When asked who your idol is, you reply "Archmage" or "King of Doma", of course attracting wierd looks
  10. You wonder why the extremely brave and Intuitive person got burnt to a crisp in that film
  11. When you are told to join a group in a camping/ mountain climbing/ other adventure, you ask whether it's Freestyle or using Phil's RP system
  12. When in the year 2101, war was beginning...
  1. You know you've been with RPGWW too long when you RP a character that RPs...