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pd Rydia 
Dryad Pi
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(8/14/03 12:05 am)
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more Otakon 2003 pictures

Brian on the (fucking long) drive to Baltimore.

It's a Jak!

It's the corn sign! And some clock! That Shan wanted to take a picture of for some reason. This is taken out on the corner near the convention center Otakon took place in.

It's Sean! And the clock!

A meeting of evil GMs. >:[

Florence, y'all! That IS what the water tower says. This is about 3 miles away from my home. :[

top row: BW, Shan, Dia, Mike; bottom row: Sean, Brian, Clark

I am so not labeling the people in this picture!

Scott, Sarah, Brian, and James.

Pervy's one true love...

And Reako trying to steal it. >:[

Hot Brandon on Brian action!


Sexy Amanda. :D

Shannon and Alex. ^_^


shan_cosplay01.jpg through shan_cosplay30.jpg (change the number in the URL to see everything, from a kickass cactrot to bondage Tifa and Aeris)

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Arrogant Archmage
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(8/14/03 8:34 am)
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Re: more Otakon pictures

Also, I am amused by a) the picture where I look dead and b) the picture where I am horrendously drunk and telling Brandon he's not such a bad guy.

Lady Tempest 
Bar Patron

Posts: 20
(8/14/03 9:28 am)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
Pictures of Sister! O_O my sister flipped off the camera XD! DAMNIT Sarah! Call Home!



Posts: 2520
(8/14/03 2:26 pm)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
Much like the similar topic before it, this topic gets the official BW seal of approval.

Posts: 2429
(8/14/03 2:57 pm)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
Since I am way to lazy to scan and upload all of my own pictures I shall post them later. So for now,

Pimp Gendo! :D

"Johnny what have you done, you just tried to seduce another man..." - Johnny

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(8/14/03 4:09 pm)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
The one with Pervy about to kill Reako cracked me up.

Another crazy conversation between me and Jak

Me: Seriously, it pees when I burn!



Jak: Don't you mean-

Me: No, seriously! Here, you set my arm on fire and I'll wet my pants.

White Knight Delta 
Cuddly Imperialist
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(8/14/03 7:29 pm)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
<i>It's Gendo.</i>

-White Knight

Behold! Sig figs!

Resident Chilean
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(8/14/03 11:06 pm)
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Re: more Otakon pictures
you lucky bastards who can go to otacon:aww: :doh: :doh: ..........................man, I'm sad:cry:

Yeah, I like to say I'm Chilean, got a problem?

Bar Patron

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(9/14/03 4:29 am)
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The REAL Pimp Gendo
No no no, sorry to tell ya, but that Gendo, while still being fly (and a friend) ain't the REAL Pimp Gendo.

Pimp Gendo had to leave the BCC fo a much needed R&R to help him recharge his pimp juice.

So while the master was out, the aprentice got his grove on.
You ever see Fantasia where that rat had the wizards hat and wand? Well, This be the same shit going on here. Only instead of brooms, it be Seele up in here.

So without any further adu, I give you the grand master of pimptaster desaster, the shizzle in yo nizzle, the aw might PIMP GENDO!

I even hav emy own movie behotch! www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=44243 Fashizzle!

Either size this image or just leave a link. ALSO, you know that 'edit' button under your name? Its a wonderful thing. --DM

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Shinigori V2 
Holiday Related Hitman
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(9/14/03 4:35 am)
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Re: The REAL Pimp Gendo
What. The. Fuck.

Two heroes, two villains and a catboy...Life doesn't get much better than this....

Bunny Girl
(but still better at

Posts: 1760
(9/14/03 1:07 pm)
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Re: The REAL Pimp Gendo
....I'm going to assume it's an ezboard glitch.

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Sign-Wielding Raccoon
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(9/14/03 3:00 pm)
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Re: The REAL Pimp Gendo
This makes me even more sad that I was at Otakon, but didn't get to see you guys.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Zemyla.

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(9/14/03 7:26 pm)
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Re: The REAL Pimp Gendo
I can't believe we missed you. o_O

Outta My Head, Yo!

Posts: 2604
(9/16/03 11:38 am)
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Once again...

I must smuggle myself to Otakon and stuff. e.e

...or upload piccies of myself at Fanime sometime. Although admittedly, it lacks RPGWWers. ;_;

..but I have a piccy of Gendo using me as an armrest! And catgirl goodness! =D

Official Chauffeur of
Team Ryo-OH/KY

Posts: 2678
(9/16/03 1:01 pm)
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Re: The REAL Pimp Gendo
It's hard to say no to catgirl goodness, ya know?

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