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pd Rydia
Dia, Innkeep of Justice
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(9/11/04 9:05 pm)
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ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
Yes, today was the third year that RPGWWers used the Ohio Renaissance Festival as an excuse to gather together to see each other, be loud, look at the sharp pointy things, and spread the love of corn. It was a somewhat small gathering this year--Pervy, his sister Sarah, Sean, Reako, and I--but that didn't stop us from having as much fun as in previous years. :o

Of course we went to the mud show this year! It was a ten-row show! Sarah got a good muddy hug she did. Myself, I was a chicken shit and stayed in the back. =0 (Don't know about the mud show? Go to a renaissance festival, and go to one! :D)

We also got to see one Lady Ettie, who must have had the most awesome costume in the whole faire...you can see a very good photo of her here, from when she was in a Florida ren faire.

However, considering the fact that we were carrying around a huge frikkin' corn sign, most everything memorable revolved around that! The sign, and the corn I was carrying. :o




As several of you know, I was quite remorseful this Otakon that I remembered to bring corn with me to the convention...and forgot the sign. However, this time, I remembered both corn and sign! Ten ears of corn I brought with me to the faire this year, carried around in my backpack. Each ear was put to good use.

Mostly, we gave out the ears of corn to those who listened to us tell them the story of the sign; at times, they got the actual story, from me, and at times, they got "the story" from Pervy. Many people received ears of corn--a very sweet lady across from a fortune-teller who took our photo for us, three teenagers who seemed extraordinarily pleased with their gifts, a young lady on a balcony (Pervy had to throw it up to her), and so on.

Of course, some were skeptical; as we walked along with our corn sign, a man sitting along by a bridge asked us simply, "Where?" Naturally, I reached into my bag and pulled one out, offering it to him with a smile. ("You had to call them on their bluff, didn't you?" his companion asked). Also, some who had only asked about the sign, where surprised upon learning that I was actually carrying corn upon my person. >:3 Some people were a little too surprised to take me up on my offer of corn...probably a good thing, becaaause~~~!

At the very end of the festival, as we were readying to leave, I handed out my second to last ear of corn to a costumer (who was the only person man enough to take a big bite out of it! ...I wouldn't have, it was in my backpack all day) who had met me earlier during the faire; his friend was quite confused about the sign, so he got the spiel about corn love, and when we actually pulled out an ear of corn, he was either so amused or impressed he handed me a 'Ohio Renaissance Festival £1 note.'

MEANWHILE, we were advised that there was a shop nearby with a sign that accepted corn in barter!


We investigated.

We found the sign. We talked to the gentleman manning the shop ("I told her not to put that on the sign...") who informed us that the owner was out at the moment, but if we returned later, she might have returned.

So we killed some time, returned, and found her. And lo! She seemed a bit surprised, but she acquiesed to our request (some buttons and spikes in exchange for our last ear of corn--we also left the man at her store with the story of why we had the sign and corn with us). And, by that time, we were overdue to leave for the day, so away we went.

I must say that was a most amusing end to the faire.


I suspect I'm forgetting things, because of the whole, you know, exhaustion thing. I was overexuberant at the faire, so I'm about to crash now. :[ However, here is my account of the day, for you to enjoy or ignore. Pictures to come soon!

"Estella was born 50 years ago from a rock. I know it's true because she told me. Isn't that a great tale?" -- Kidd

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i see...

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(9/11/04 8:22 pm)
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Re: ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
I brought my massive sword.

Naturally this attracted many stares from the ladies, and I was continuously offered contracts for mercenary work, bodyguarding, and even a mud ogre slayer. I turned most away, seeing as I was neither dressed for it...nor named Olaf. And so instead I took my time eating funnel cake, and meat on a piece of wood. I did however play bodyguard to more than just our prolific RPGWW party. There was the breif few moments where I escorted Katie and Sara, a couple friends of mine from around where I live. I saw them by happenstance whilst looking for the other party, a friend I met recently from Dayton and HER friend. I was very busy, as they were all lovely ladies, and subject to unsavory stares and advances from any smarmy hothose who felt witty. Ask Dia, I attempted to explain the bloodstains on my blade, but no one seemed to believe that on the fields of battle I was often pitted upon, there was hardly time to worry about a red spatter.

And so through all of this BS, we get to the lesser, juicy bits. The segment where I proclaim that not being rich in a place like that is an outrage, and how vvery much like a woman in a shoe store I was with the arms and costumes and things. However, what I lacked in money, I made up for in companionship today. Wandering the grounds with our heroes, as well as my other friends was nearly enough to curb my wanderlust, and many diffrerent heartstrings were pulled. That of my warrior spirit, that of my love for the Medieval, that of my meeting wonderful people for the first time, and most of all, the string and pulls me back to this place, rendevouz after rendevouz. To those few who came, I thank you. To those who could not, I offer condolances, and my wish to see every one of you soon. Huttah.

Shinigori V2 
Legendary Drifter
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(9/11/04 11:27 pm)
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Re: ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
I have nothing useful to add, except this:

Ard ard!

Why Barius has no family reunions.

pd Rydia 
Dia, Innkeep of Justice
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(9/12/04 6:53 pm)
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Re: ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
Pictures! In the order that they were taken. :o

Why! It tis Reako, Pervy, Sarah, and one of the costumers! I offered to sell the good man a most delicious and high quality ear of corn for but a dollar, but he would not bid above a scrap of cloth I'm afraid. However, at the very end of the fair his friend did give me a £1 (ORF) note, so all was good. :o

It is I! With the corn sign! And...corn!

Perhaps one of my favorite group pictures to date. :D


It's the manly, manly men of the Viking mud show!

And...again! With Pervy making his fuzzy appearance!

I want one of these swings. They want one of these swings. You want one of these swings. We all want one of these swings.

You know, it's better to take a picture of someone with the sun behind the photographer, but that presents the problem of the sun being in the face of the person whose picture you're taking...

...and if you try this, then you get a dark face. :( Sadness. But! Horns and elf ears and sharp pointy sword! (The last of which is actually Sean's).

"Estella was born 50 years ago from a rock. I know it's true because she told me. Isn't that a great tale?" -- Kidd

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Uncle Pervy 
Barterer of Corn
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(9/12/04 10:58 pm)
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Re: ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
Well now!

How to say this in a way that isn't saying what Dia did.

My Ren Faire Odessy began Friday morning, when I woke up at ten AM after three hours of sleep to go and get my muffler fixed. This required a 75 minute drive a couple counties over to talk with a guy my dad knows, Frank. Luckily, Sarah came to keep me company. Frank took care of us in half an hour, and we rolled out after giving him fiddy bones.

Got home, took an hour-long nap, and had a shower. At 4 PM or so, Sarah and I rolled out to BW's. Normally Reako, BW, and I hang on Saturdays. But stuffs was keeping BW from joining us at the Ren Faire, so we got together on Friday instead. There was multi-player gaming in the way of FF:CC (We got pwned by the Antlion in third cycle, but we persevered and got an Ultima Book :D). BW did some item worlding in Disgaea, as well. Then we got to Reako's, where we were going to spend the night, and he did some Item Worlding, too. :D

Also,he showed Sarah Earthbound, as well as several key fights in Gunstar Heroes. Then we watched the parade of lamers in Gunbound, whilst I concocted ways to flummox them what Reako was too squeamish to do. :(

Eventually, though, we went to sleep. As per agreement for accompanying me to Minster to get the muffler fixed, Sarah got the spare bed. I got the floor, and regretted this later.


NebbieQ: After all, nothing says romance like fighting the forces of Cobra and Druggies with a Rocket Launcher of 80s Justice.

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(9/14/04 5:08 am)
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Re: ORF ORF ORF! 2004!
*wants to go to a ren faire*

Man, looks like you guys had so much fun! And. .. so much. . .corn. . .*salivates*


"Well slap a dead fish on me and call me Molokidan!"

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