HIIIIIY GUYZ! It's me, sw33tgrrrl, with a spooooky hallaween update~!

i JUST got news that OUR MAN CHoark has Graduated with HONORS (brains AND brawns--oooh, he's soooo, sexy), and is now working for SONY of EUROPE of ENGLAND! Isn't that just TOOOOO COOOOOOL?!

I wonder whnat kinda of Jaob he has? Storry board werk? Conceptta rt?? whateevr itis, we know our man CHOARK is up for the JOB!

AS A FInal note, i just wantt o apologiez for the HORRIBEL page design on this site lol! I Promise when I have tiem out of my Classes and job and kitten-sitting to spiff this up with all the things I've learned new over teh last seveeral montsh and make this a truley ROCKING tribute to OUR CHOarK!

KEep on girlfans (and guyfan lol ;*)!

    "Choark once eviscerated a llama with his bare hands." -- Sir Michael P.

    "HE IS A VERY NICE MAN." -- Catie Q.

    "Uh...he made a combat-optimized PS character without anyone bitching about it?" -- Dougly D.R.

OMG i ca'nt believe im wiriting this webpage lol! hiiii its mmeee sw33tgrrrl LOL and this si my TOTALLY AWESOME CHOARK SHRINE! Thiss is just my little paeg on teh internet dedicated to the TOTAL AWESOMENESS that is CHOARK! I hope u like it as much as I liekd making it.

Who is Choark? Well Choark is a totaly cool and awsome up-and-coming artist, that's who. lol, he's also a seeeexy beast, rawr! Choark is from teh awesome country of Britain where u know all great minds come frum like Churchill, Shakespeer, and J. K. Rowling.

Besides drawring and being sexy, lol, Choark also spends time on hsi computer cuz he's sooo computer-saavy and he goes to classses cuz he's so smart, and he also spends time with his fans and his family, cuz he's so good and kind with people, too. He's so cool don't u agree?

But dont jus take my word for it, listen to what his other fans have to say about him!

    "Choark is fucking awesome. He's one of the very few guys who knows what it is io be a man, and can expound upon it regularly, and convey it simply and accurately, and not come off like some kind of ass." -- Brian W.

    "He needs to lurk more..." -- Ken W.

    "What?! That annoying, smart arsed, overly horny British bastard?! He rocks, much more than I can properly express via the English language, and I'm glad to know the 'bloke' =] ...even if he is an old geezer =P" -- Dave H.

    "He's a sexy, sexy beast that is more talented then 3 cats in heat! I envy him! :D" -- D. M.

    "He's like a trained monkey crossbred with a clown." -- Gus G.

lol so there u have it. Choark is TEH AWESOME!!!1

And now for my faverite part of teh page...PICTURES. I told u Choark was a sexxy beast and now u will get to see! Hear we go!

Choark in full Choark glory! Woo! Thumbs up 4 teh camera!

Here he si again, this time hard at work...wopnder what hes drawing?!

Hey Hey!

That's right, pose for the ladies there, hon...rrraawr!

Salute good sir! U think maybe he wuld make a good sailor??

Aaah! Get ur hands off him!!! >:[

Heer Choark poses with one of his fans! She's soooo lucky! :'(

Here a group of Choark's friends wait for him as he flies in an airport. Boy do they look liek their having fun!

And last but not least as a special treet I recorded Choark off the readio so u can here his voice! Just download this file to hear his cathhphrase!

That's it, lol. I hope u enjoyed my page. Check back cuz maybe I'll update with new stuff! Laterz!