A quick description of the template used to put the various weapons/items etc in some sort of order.
Used by:
Power Level:
Known Properties:
Notable appearances:

Name - Name of the item.
Used by - The names of the people who have used this weapon in order of who its is associated with.
Scarcity - How rare is the item. By levels.
Common - Everybody and their grandmother has this item. Ex. Potion, Antidote.
Plentiful - While not very common, you can find this item in most stores. Ex. Ether, Telescope.
Uncommon - While this item can be found, it's rarely to be found in stores. More often found in treasure chests and on the people you fight. Ex. Elixers, Economizers.
Rare - This item will never be found in a store although it might show up in an auction house. If this thing is on an enemy, it's typically on a boss or final dungeon enemy. Ex. Megalixer, Offering.
Scarce - So rare you can count the number of these things in exsistance on your fingers. Ex. Soulstone, Psychic Nickles
Unique - There's only one of this item, period. If somebody has one, then nobody else can. Ex. Angelic Alliance, Oblivion's Edge.
Power Level - A rough estimate of how strong the thing is.
Weak - This thing is so weak you're probably stronger without it. Of course, some items in this catagory may simply be cursed. On the plus side, this stuff is typically so shoddy, it's about to fall apart anyways. Ex. Section Yea Eighth's armour.
Sub-par - This stuff is useful, if you've almost made it to level one. Not really all that useful to other people though, although they could be use given enough of them. Ex. FF6 tonic
Normal - This is your typical fare. Your average strength stuff if you will. Basically, this stuff has a purpose which it fulfills adequatly, but not extrodinarely. Ex. Telescope
Over-par - This is typically where the powerful stuff starts. Most of the stuff in this category is stuff that would be in the Normal category, except that it has superior craftsmanship or a magical enchantment woven into it. Ex. Elemental weapons, Airship Invincible
Godlike - These items have both superior craftsmanship and some serious magical enchantments allowing it to draw off of a major element, or even the void. Ex. Bard's Mask, Most of Daryl's instruments.
Legendary - Slightly more powerful than godlike items, these are basically items which have become entrenched in story and song and are extremely powerful. Ex. Angelic Alliance, Juno Blade, Excalibur.
Omnipotent - These items are the embodyment of at least one of the base elements or the void itself. These items are scarce and any item below godlike is lucky to survive a single blow from any weapon in this class. Ex. Bind, Oblivion's Edge.
Known Properties - Where elemental affiliations and other known abilities of the item are listed.
History - This category focuses on the recorded history of the item. Mainly, who used it and how it was used. Also notes when the item was used.
Notable Appearances - This category shows several posts where the item featured prominently in order to give an example of how the item works.
Notes - This is simply to allow for the notation of information that doesn't fit into any other category.