Given the number of time-travellers and planes-walkers that have shown up, some high technology was bound to appear as well. Here's what has been seen so far.
Name: Arm Blaster
Used by: SRGPI
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: Can fire blasts of energy. Several upgrades gotten from items collected over Eternima.
History: Assumedly created at the Shadey Vale laboratory, "Karn" the thief went out to get the necessary items to create the runes to upgrade the thing. Unfortunatly, most of these were items which were sealing Excal's power and the Sun Palace. Naturally, he never bothered to work toghether with the group, with the final ruesult of everyone being after him.
Notable Posts: At the Secret Lab in Shady Vale... Again - oooh, he get's two enhancements in this one.
Notes: While a bright idea in theory, in practise he caused the group far more trouble than even Infinija did and almost took out Daryl and Excal with that one bad drop (who knows what may have happened if he hit X and took out his self-control for a few seconds). (X)Trust me. You DONT want to know.

Name: Chronosphere
Used by: People of Choco
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike, when it's working...
Known Properties: By temporarily freezing time, this machine can move a limited amount of mass a long distance.
History: Created to protect Choco from an outward threat, it was later renamed the Tetron Machine.
Notable Posts: At Choco - Chronosphere Cameo!
Notes: Woulda been a useful tool, if only it hadn't been on the wrong end of a full scale invasion by time... (Krono) Useful for who? Not many hero's need a big superweapon in their back yard.

Name: Computer
Used by: Bob, Jamie
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: A Eurocorp model, it's probably better than what you're seeing this on. However, aside from that I'd assume it's still just a computer.
History: It's one of Bob's recurring items. Of course, that just means it's usually on him...
Notable Posts: The beginning of the Mission - See Jamie in actin using the Comp
Notes: Like most of this fine stuff, time travel only. Unless you somehow stumble of Bob's shop and he sells one to you... (X)I hear he also has a swamp in degobah to sell.....

Name: Dating Sim Controller
Used by: Excal, Epsilon X
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: Able to control portals to dating sim worlds.
History: Given to Epsilon X as a symbol of status, Excal found it on the ground after he won his battle against Epsilon X during the Original Bardic War. He's since used it only twice. Once to seal TallPanzer inside the Bardic Dating Sim, and another time to rescue Valen from it.
Notable Posts: Ah, but I do like it - Excal's first time using the device.
Notes: Already a terrifying weapon, it might even be upgraded in the future. (X)Oh dear god lets all hope NOT.....

Name: Generator
Used by: Epsilon
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: Somehow able to simultaineously sustain all the power needed to operate and evil fortress, several dozen lethal traps, and a forcefield strong enough to stop Time's Fleet.
History: Nobody really knows how it was made, Few know how to rewire it, and none of this matters becuase it is by now quite very destroyed.
Notable Posts: Thanks for the cue - Excal rewires the generator
Notes: Wow, a tech item with no time traveler only warning. Of course, this one is generally evil boss only. And we all know the downsides of that. (X)Yeah, Evil Boss's cant get subscriptions to "Playmage" and "Ninja Babes in leather".....

Name: Oracle
Used by: Bob
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: A sort of super-computer. Haven't seen enough of it yet to know more yet though.
History: It's showed up once and predicted that in the future Eternion would show up and wipe out all of the heros of the land, though he'd eventually be defeated. However, he'd take the universe with him...
Notable Posts: Echoes of the past pt. 2 Startling revalations - See the post where above mentioned apocalypse gets shown.
Notes: Imagine a good game of Starcraft on this thing. Unfortunatly, it's guarded by a full blooded God though...

Name: PKE Meter
Used by: SYE
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: Can scan traces of ectoplasmal energy and detects oddities in the kharmic flow.
History: SYE pulled it out to use to try and fix the underworld. However, that plan came to an end as Hades seemed quite adamant that he not fix them
Notable Posts: Off we go! - Nothing too notable, but it is in Elysium.
Notes: It get's mentioned twice breaking the dreaded one-use curse. Woo! (X)I hear SYE is still having to hide from the copyright lawyers.....

Name: Tetron Machine. See Chronosphere

Name: TV
Used by: SRGPI
Scarcity: Common
Power Level: Average (I don't believe I didn't see THIS coming when I made the template...)
Known Properties: It's a TV. It shows pictures on a phosphorus screen. Need I say anymore?
History: It was on board Bob's APC, but then that blew up.
Notable Posts: It's a TV, we all know how it works.
Notes: I think it's fairly obvious that you won't see these all over the place in a medival setting. Aside from that, I have nothing more to say... (X)To bad Bob was to cheap to spring for cable....

Name: Warmech
Used by: Dark Lord, Infinija
Scarcity: Scarce
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: Tough to take down, and has the attack, NUCLEAR.
History: A few of these have shown up as guards, but they've all been taken down.
Notable Posts: Elsewhere, Aosloidion dogded to the left... - Infinija's Warmech attacks
Notes: Another tool of the evil despot. Using one will likely result in an intrepid group of heros out for your blood. (X)Well they certinley wouldnt be visiting an evil despot's base for pina colada's and a cup of sugar. (Krono) You never know, given that an intrepid hero's reasons for being in a despot's base usually extend to "working towards bringing them down" or "being tortured by them" some might just take the pina colada given a choice.

Name: Zoldborg
Used by: Epsilon
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: Mainly destructive ones as it was designed to be a very effective killing machine.
History: Designed by Epsilon to be a 50 meter tall horribly beweaponed mechanical geshtalt of old Ford Pintos, P100s, Nintendo Virtual Boys, and the battleship Bismark, Zoldborg was a most fearsome guardian. Unfortunatly, SYE does better when scared.
Notable Posts: Next!
Notes: True, it's a one-shot deal, but since it was designed to be thus (unlike say, an Angelic Sabre) that's no biggie. (X)Thankfully, this thing doesent play a lute....