Even uber-powerful godlike beings occasionally use tools. Which explains why most of these tools are owned and used by the more mortal crowd.
Name: Blowing Torch of Cutting +12
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Average +12
Known Properties: Good at welding, but especially good at cutting stuff.
History: Picked up off dimension by SYE, this thing is able to cut through the blue goo that threatened the hero's in the Epsilon War.
Notable Posts: Poorly Timed Substory - It shows up and is promptly ignored...
Notes: Gotta love these one use items...

Name: Crystal of Farscrying
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: Lets you see stuff far away. Apparently listen too...
History: Used once by SYE to find out what Eriol and Garain were up to. A course of action he chose to regret.
Notable Posts: Oi - one time use...
Notes: Warning, you may find yourself methodically shaping a tree with your head shortly after using one.

Name: Crystal of Jamming
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: It serves as a focus for jamming magics. A strong focus. It severely amplifies any jamming magics used on it and uses them as an area affect
History: Excal borrowed this crystal from Gaspar in order to stop the Dark Master from jumping into time. Unfortunalty, this plan was made useless when SYE shot a Shard of Meddigo into the Dark Lord's trap.
Notable Posts: Not so fast - where it's use is explained
Notes: A rare item, but fun, item.

Name: Dischord Metronome
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: Able to detect minute differences between harmony and dischord
History: Used by SYE to track down the Orchestra.
Notable Posts: Any early SYE one in the Bardic Conflict
Notes: The tool of a madman... (X)Exactly why SYE uses it.

Name: Key to Hades
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: It's a frikken key...
Known Properties: It opens the gates of Hell itself. What more does it need to do?
History: Given to Phebrizio after Orpheus went to the bowels of Hades once before to keep other questing mortals out. Unfortunatly, his twisted sense of humour led to him giving Daryl the key after Liquid-X died.
Notable Posts: Daryl in the Underworld
Notes: No, X. This one isn't to the womens dressing room at the local white mage guild either. (X)Darn! (Krono) You know X, you could always try picking the lock.

Name: Moll Drill
Used by: "Karn"
Scarcity: Scarce
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: It can drill really fast.
History: The main tool of "Karn", he uses it to travel faster than he ought underground.
Notable Posts: Ultros, Mintaka, Eriol, Daryl, and Valen hear a small digging from underneath.... - It gets used, but not named...
Notes: Hmm, nothing to say really... (X)Must... resist... joke about.... "Karn's" small tool....

Name: Psychic Nickels
Used by: Eidolon X, Milidi, Aosloidion
Scarcity: Scarce
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: These nickels serve as a resting place and means of transportation for the constructs know as Aosloidion and Milidi, as well as a useful conversation medium for those two and anyone holding a nickel.
History: These nickles were created by Eidolon X and given only to those he trusted. Eventually, SRGPI, Krono, and Bob got one, and Excal got two, one to keep for himself, the other supposed to be delivered to SRGPI, though it was too late by the time he got to SRGPI and thus never got around to it.
Notable Posts: Wait! - the first appearance
Notes: These things are a special gift from Eidolon. Unless your given one by someone who has one already, then you don't got psychic nickel.

Name: Ring of Mental Projection +1.2
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: Can project ones thoughts into another person's head.
History: Used by SYE during the Epsilon War, however, it saw little use before being destroyed.
Notable Posts: Poorly Timed Substory - It's first appearance
Notes: Useful, but notoriously fragile. (Krono) What does SYE own that doesn't see little use before being destroyed?

Name: Rod of Polymorph
Used by: The Living Tribunal, SYE
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: Causes a total form change in the targeted being.
History: Used during the Chibiquest in order to form SYE into many different Animal Spirit guides.
Notable Posts: Sir! - Why that one? Because the idea of SYE calling someone sir is wrong, wrong, Wrong!
Notes: Ah, SYE. The mistake you made in choosing a bunny first... (X)Never polymorph into a bunny around a guy who has read the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series..... (Krono) What about polymorphing into a fly or a pot of tulips? Would those be safe?

Name: Telescope
Used by: Excal, SYE, Edgar
Scarcity: Common
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: See things far away close up.
History: Excal's always had one. SYE uses his more selectively it seems. And Edgar, we'll assume he's got his cause he's the leader.
Notable Posts: No need. After all, everyone knows how to use a telescope.
Notes: A handy dandy little item. (X)Perfect for peering into the Womens Dressing Room at the local White Mage guild..... (Krono) If you want to look into the Womens Dressing Room at the White Mage guild that much, I'd recommend taking up scrying. You can't be seen and pesky things like curtains and walls don't get in the way.

Name: The CLUB for Bags
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Uncommon
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: Keeps thieves, munchkining demi-gods, and other annoying pests from stealing stuff from your bag.
History: Used once after TallPanzer stole something from Excal's inventory. He likes to think it's still there even though he never mentions it anymore. (Krono) Who likes to think what's still where now?
Notable Posts: Into the Frey - It's one use
Notes: Warning - may not stop all Munchkins/god-moders. (Krono) If that becomes a problem I'd recommend auto-laser turrets for Bags.

Name: TNT
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Uncommon
Power Level: Over-Par
Known Properties: When lit, makes a very big boom.
History: Supposed to be used to open a path to the southern mountains in Eternima, turns out it wasn't needed as SRGPI flew there and dropped the stuff they needed there off... on Valen's head. So, it sit's in Excal's inventory waiting for a use.
Notable Posts: It hasn't done nothin yet...
Notes: Nothin to note. It's just plain old TriNitroTirene. (Krono) SRGPI seems to have a talent for dropping stuff he intends to return on someone's head.

Name: Wooden Hookshot
Used by: Link, Excal
Scarcity: Plentiful
Power Level: average
Know Properties: Can momentarily stun an enemy and is great for getting over hole in the ground.
History: Given to Excal to combat Infinija, it was returned unused.
Notable Posts: For something which never got used?
Notes: Remember kids, Hookshots are fun, but not indoors. (X)And stop playing around with it! You could put someone's eye out with that thing....(Krono) I could have sworn that the caves and dungeons that hookshots usually get used in were indoors ^_^