The many weapons that have appeared in the past:
Name: Agonie's Grievers Swords
Used by: Bob the Cat
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: God-like
Known Properties: It's been to the void and survived.
History: This sword has shown up a whopping two times. Once when Bob said he was going to have to use them, and again when Bob used one to whack Moandor. They haven't been seen since.
Notable Appearances: Damn... judgement call - It's used to kill Moandor. That's it.
Notes: Not really much to go on with this weapon given the fact that it's shown up so few times. However, like most Bob equipment, it's very powerful.

Name: Angelic Alliance
Used by: SRGPI
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: This sword is powered by four virtues held by the wielder. The virtues of Justice, Honour, Courage, and Wisdom. With these four virtues a person can unlock the true power of this sword and the Angel Armour and use the powerful Wave Motion attack. Held by one possessing the four virtues, it is believed that this sword may even be strong enough to withstand a blow from Oblivion's Edge. The sword is rumoured to be light elemental.
History: This sword was originally forged by the Erdramon of Air Elementals in AD 1089. Eventually the blade was shattered into three pieces and hidden throughout the world. These pieces were eventually picked up by SRGPI during the Epsilon War and taken to Erdramon who reforged the blade. Then SRGPI, having the four virtues of the sword, used the blade to defeat Epsilon's dark side and end the Epsilon War. The sword was then passed down to Guildus of Wutai until the Shadow War a hundred years later. Where the sword was handed down to Caris who managed to harnass the four virtues of the sword and use the blade to strike down the Dark Lord.
Notable Appearances: Outside of Icicle Inn, AD2076 - Caris uses the four virtues of the blade for the very first time, and utilizes Wave Motion.
Notes: One of the legendary weapons that needs specific virtues to wield well that have shown up, it is the only one which has reached its full potential.

Name: Angelic Sabre
Used by: Bob the Cat
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: A light-elemental weapon.
History: Bob has the weapon and he wielded it in a grand total of three posts where it was mentioned by name once. Put away in the third post after it was introduced, it hasn't been seen since.
Notable appearances: None whatsoever.
Notes: This thing wasn't around long enough for there to be any notes.

Name: Armageddon's Blade
Used by: Epsilon X
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: This sword is covered with flames and rumoured to be a dark elemental blade. It's essentially the opposite of the Angelic Alliance.
History: When it was first forged is still unknown, however, it too was split into three pieces which were hidden by Darren ten years before the Epsilon War. However, the pieces were collected and the blade was reforged. However, after the Epsilon War, the sword was lost once again. It reappeared a hundred years later when the Dark Lord appeared with the sword and did battle with Caris.
Notable Appearances: At the end of time - It gets put together. Suddenly, without any warning... - The first use of the sword.
Notes: This is a fun sword to put together. Sorta like those paint in number things.

Name: Atma Weapon
Used by: Reako, Krono
Scarcity: Unique (Yes, I know it's possible to get a second one in FF6, but I don't count that one, and besides which, only the one has popped up thus far.)
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: It's attack power depends upon the strength of the user. Basically, the stronger their life force (HP) the stronger the weapon itself is. This weapon has no known elemental properties.
History: Originally showing up in the FF6 world, Reako picked it up while in the FF6 section of the Final Fantasy Tower inside Epsilon X's base. After using the blade against Kefka's tower Reako gave the Atma Weapon to Krono. Krono never used the weapon, and it is now likely residing in the Black Omen with other artifats of power.
Notable Appearances: Pain, Pain, and, you guessed it, more pain... - Reako uses the rules to decimate Kefka's Tower of fiends.
Notes: Rumoured to be a lesser eternal, you can guess how much HP Krono must have. Just imagine how strong the Atma Weapon must be in his hands. Of course, in all likelyhood, it's probably sitting in the Black Omen because it still can't match up with Oblivion's Edge.

Name: Aura Gun
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: This gun fires bolts of energy based upon the user's fighting spirit. It can also execute powerful techniques when the user hits Limit. The energy can also be focused into a blade in order to give it's wielder a second weapon. This weapon can be either light, dark, chaos, or order elemental depending upon the alignment of the user.
History: Found by Excal during the Moogle War, he has carried it ever since. Picked up by Gerad a hundred years later in his quest to pick up all of the Canuck Artifacts.
Notable Appearances: The assault - Excal uses the Aura Gun to defeat Bahamut
Notes: It's power depending upon its user means that this weapon cannot be Godlike by definition, unless a god used it, I guess...

Name: Azurewrath
Used by: Daren
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Unknown
Known Properties: Strong against magic.
History: Mentioned once by Darren when he ponders using it to break out of a Psychic Prison.
Notable Appearances: None whatsoever. It did make a more impressive showing than the Angelic Sabre though.
Notes: Is this sword somehow related to the Black Shard of the Death Knight? If not, then what happened to it?

Name: Bind
Used by: TallPanzer
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Omnipotent
Known Properties: This is the Blade of Creation and its primary use is to absorb ShadowPanzers, beings created from the residue of TallPanzer whenever he's slain. It's unknown what being the sword of creation entails other than that.
History: TallPanzer's sword. So far as we know he's always wielded it, and he always will.
Notable Appearances: A sword called Bind - It first appears.
Notes: While I can't remember it ever being used, I think it goes without saying that this sword is probably, just like TallPanzer, far more powerful than it ought. But then, it doesn't really matter in this case.

Name: Black Blade
Used by: Enrico
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: Can swoon anyone it touches that doesn't have a will of adamant.
History: Little is known about it's origins. And we're not likely to find out about them as the blade was cut in two by Oblivion's Edge.
Notable Appearances: Feh - watch it get sliced and diced.
Notes: It might get reforged, but not likely as it's rumoured Enrico is gonna get a better sword.

Name: Black Shard of the Death Knight
Used by: Daren
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: This is a dark elemental sword.
History: This sword was used in one(1) battle and quickly forgotten after it's wielder died having been impaled by the Angelic Allience.
Notable Appearances: At Tyrsis - it did pretty good until SRGPI got his act together...
Notes: Yet another forgotten sword... How many does that make, and we're still only in the B's.

Name: Blood Sword
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: This short sword was forged by the Canadian people out of some of the very essence of Chaos they had obtained from extensive study of the actual Blood Sword. This sword is very strong when used by somebody with a strong Chaos affinity and an affinity with the blade itself and can even grant limited access to Space-type techniques when a person is linked strongly enough with the blade. And in times of great need will grant access to the hero's class, Beserker.
History: Showed up when Excal divided the Juno Blade into its four component parts in order to get full use out of it. He's been wielding this sword ever since and has gained access to the Beserker class.
Notable Appearances: The powers within - accessing the Beserker, The sacrifice - Excal smashs Infinija's Mask with the Blood Sword.
Notes: This sword doesn't always exsist as it's a part of the Juno Blade.

Name: Bracers of Destruction
Used by: Valen
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: Dischord elemental gloves. They're meant to be artifacts to help a young demi-god survive to maturity and as such cannot be used by a fully grown demi-god.
History: Showed up while Valen was "Chibi" during the Eternima Quest. After he ate Mario's Shrooms though, they dissapeared.
Notable Appearances: None really since they were only used once against Tubba Blubba. And that wasn't Valen's post, so it ain't a true example of how they work.
Notes: No notes, yet.

Name: Chorozite Cannon
Used by: The airship Neo-Invincible, Various New-Canada defences
Scarcity: Scarce
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: The chorozite shells fired by this cannon negate all magical effects within a certain radius of the blast point, but do no damage unless they physically hit the target. However, this effect allows targets that are normally immune to physical attack, such as ghosts, be vulnerable to them. A similar effect would happen to any other magical natural status.
History: Developed by the scientists of Salonia during the Wingly War, this weapon was first used during the assault on Tyrsis.
Notable Appearances: Picking up the Pieces - Although it doesn't show them in action, it does explain what they're supposed to do which makes it the only place where I explain it.
Notes: This weapon was developed a hundred years after everything that's going on right now, so unless you're doing stuff then or have a valid excuse, don't touch this thing.

Name: Crissagrim
Used by: Bob, Excal
Scarcity: Scarce (I might have this one wrong, so please correct me)
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: This sword has the ability to hit five times with every blow struck.
History: Originally mentioned as a backup sword by Bob when he equipped the Excalibur and the Angelic Saber, he later brought it out again when he gave the sword to Excal during the battle against Infinija. Excal has yet to use the sword, though a large part of that may have been the fact that he died shortly after recieving the sword.
Notable Appearances: That post where he gives it to Excal - He explains what it does.
Notes: This sword has managed to escape the fate of most swords by having been remembered by Bob. Unfortunatly, as Excal already has the Blood Sword, it's likely to get forgotten once again, unless he passes it on.

Name: Excalibur
Used by: Bob, SRGPI
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: Known as the sword of the true king, and called a holy sword, it is a sword that carries the essence of light energy.
History: There are several legends about its origins, none of which I'll go into here. In the history of the board, the Excalibur has showed up in four posts. It was paired with the Angelic Sabre for the same whopping three posts. But, it got brought back into the thing when SRGPI chucked the thing at Zeromus. At one point long before then, the fledgling Canadian people got their hands on it and managed to get a bit of its essence from it which they used to form the Juno Blade.
Notable Appearances: So? - Watch as this legendary sword get thrown away.
Notes: Well, at least it isn't forgotten, but why must it have been discarded so! However, the truth is, SRGPI's Dad originally found it in a crackerjack box. (Krono) If it was found in a crakerjack box one wonders if it actually is the legenday sword.

Name: Excalibur
Used by: Amber
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: This sword is the embodyment of the light elemental aspect of the Juno Blade when it is fractured. This short sword is less powerful than the real Excalibur, although it is almost as strong when wielded by somebody with a strong light affinity. To those with a strong affinity with the blade it can also offer access to life magics and even the class of Guardian Angel.
History: This sword does not often exsist as it's usually part of the Juno Blade proper. However, having been released by Excal it managed to find its way to Amber McAllister ten years before.
Notable Appearances: Two and a half weeks in the making... - Amber uses the sword in combat for the first time
Notes: First off, this sword ain't the real deal. Second, it only exsists when the Juno Blade does not.

Name: Gilded Sword
Used by: Excal, Link
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Average
Known Properties: It is a sword. It is sharp, it is pointy, and if you touch the wrong end, you lose a full heart. All in all, a pretty good weapon for your average ten year old.
History: This weapon was originally used by Link to save the world when Majora threatened to destroy it with the moon. It was then given to Excal by the Mask Salesman after Infinija sealed his powers. The sword was given back to the Mask Salesman after Excal had regained the Blood Sword in case it should ever be needed again.
Notable Appearances: Welcome to Eternima - The sword is given to young Excal.
Notes: Unless you've just been turned into a kid and been fated to rescue a world from a mask wearing villain hellbent on destroying the world with some astronomical phenomenon, this sword likely ain't gonna pop up again.

Name: Graviton Gun
Used by: Bob the Cat
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: It fires gravity based bolts that tend to vaporize the target. Technologically based it can work when magic cannot.
History: This futuristic weapon was used by Bob when trapped inside one of the many trap rooms of Epsilon's fortress. Once again, never seen since.
Notable Appearances: What kinds of traps haven't been used yet... - Bob pulls out the Graviton Gun
Notes: A fun weapon that any time traveller can use. And even at that, only Bob seems to use this thing, though it isn't limited to him.

Name: Juno Blade
Used by: Excal
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: This sword contains the powers of light, dark, chaos, and order elements. It confers the benefits of these four elements to one who has mastered these four opposing paths and is a truly strong weapon for such a person. Unfortunatly, it isn't all that strong in the hands of someone without such control, and very few have such a blessing. The sword also holds within it the various powerful guardians of its four orders as well as acess to higher guardians of mixed elements in extreme circumstances, culminating in the Avatar. This weapon is unable to properly shatter, though it may seperate into its four prime composing aspects in which case it can only be reforged by one who has mastered the four elements. It is rumoured that in the hands of one who can use the sword to its fullest potential that this sword can withstand Oblivion's Edge.
History: Forged by the New-Canadian nation around a hundred years after their arrival from the essences they had gleaned from four legendary weapons of these four elements, it was lost to the winds of time a few generations later. It has reappeared occasionally over the years in the hands of a hero in order to protect the nation in times of crisis and its most recent owner is Excal Irius Burned who found its location during the Moogle Wars. Having a strong guardian, Excal decided to put off getting the weapon until the Bardic Wars two years later. After having used it in the Epsilon War, Excal realised that his inability to use it properly was only hurting his fighting ability and so split the sword during his mission in the Wingly War. There has yet to be someone out to reforge the sword.
Notable Appearances: Nothing as of yet that truly shows the nature of the sword.
Notes: This weapon is another one which depends upon its user for strength. However, it not only has never been used to its full potential, and might never be used at such a degree.

Name: Levantine
Used by: Lord Byron of Halifax
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Know Properties: This is the Juno Blade's aspect of darkness. It offers its wielder access to several powerful dark attacks and can even offer death type attacks and the Elder Demon class to those with a high enough affinity for it.
History: This blade was brought back into exsistance when Excal seperated the Juno Blade. The Levantine then somehow found its way to Lord Halifax who has used it well since he found it.
Notable Appearances: A confrontation - this post and the first bit of the one after it is a great fight scene that showcases the Levantine's abilities.
Notes: Like every other one of these swords, it doesn't always exsist. And no, it doesn't infect other people with darkness, but seeks out the darkness within. After all, these swords seek out quality wills that aren't easily corruptable.

Name: Masamune
Used by: Masayume
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: Like most other katanas, the first thing you'll notice about this thing is that it's sharper than your average ginsu knife. As part of the whole legendary bit, this sword is also sharper, lighter, and far more durable than your average sword. But, the real benefit of this sword is its inhabitants. Masa, Mune, and Doreen all inhabit this sword and often converse with its holder. This can be an annoyance at times, but their assistance is a great help in times of need as they have sage council with centuries of experience as well as the ability to tell you what's going on around you, even if you yourself cannot find out.
History: Not much is known about the history of this blade here except that it is wielded by someone equally mysterious. As of right now though, it is being used to help the rebels in their struggle against the New-Canadian nation.
Notable Appearances: A confrontation - Conversation between the inhabitants of the sword and Masayume as well as showing what the blade is capable of in combat.
Notes: A nice little sword, with it in your hands you're guaranteed to never be alone! Then again, looking at some of the conversations, one might wonder if that is indeed a good thing.

Name: Mastersword
Used by: Many, many, Links
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: A powerful broadsword it has the strength of Hyrule flowing through it and also has the unique ability of being able to throw bolts of energy when the health energy of its wielder is full. However, as part of its legendary status, only a Hylian Knight can wield it.
History: Aside from its obvious role in Hylian legends, this sword has been deftly used by Link during his brief service under Daryl in the Real Bardic War and during his forced participation in the Eternima Saga.
Notable Appearances: Isn't there anything we can do? - The appearance of the Master Sword of Evil's Bane
Notes: Link's classic weapon and the mainstay of any Hylian Knight worth his tights.

Name: Nuclear Bombs
Used by: Valen's Forces and Excal in particular
Scarcity: Rare
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: Hurts everybody on the battlefield. Therefore, it's advised NOT to use said weapon unless you're above the battle in an airship or on a chocobo.
History: Aside from one used during the Wingly War, the sole usage of them was by Valen's forces in the Real Bardic War where the massed assault of them blew apart the fragment the Valley of the Bards were on.
Notable Appearances: Dr. Strangeknight, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bard - Plenty of air farce action contained therein.
Notes: Tip for use, if you use this thing, then you get hurt too if you're on the battlefield. After all, that's how they worked in SO2, so no change here.

Name: Oblivion's Edge
Used by: Krono
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Omnipotent
Known Properties: This sword is a blade made of void energy held into the shape of a sword. As such it a) offers access to void magic to its wielder, and b) will simply cause most things to simply cease to exsist, though better swords will only be completely and utterly destroyed instead.
History: Krono's sword since at least the Epsilon War, it is unknown where it came from.
Notable Appearances: Feh - Oblivion's Edge, it slices, it dices, it makes sword julienne.
Notes: Extremely powerful, this is one sword I ouldn't want to mess with. Or wield for that matter... It sounds like something that even a god would struggle to control.

Name: Ragnarock
Used by: Gerad
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: Part of the Juno Blade, copy of the real thing, essence of Order, blablah, blablah, blablah. Look at the Properties for its fellow aspects and I think you'll see a pattern that continues here. And as such, getting along with order and this bade gives the wielder access to Order attacks, some time attacks, and the special class, Sage.
History: This blade hid itself away for a hundred years after Excal split the Juno Blade before Gerad managed to find it. Gerad has since used the blade as his own personal weapon using it to supplement his magic.
Notable Appearances: Gerad's Gift - the appearance of the Sage
Notes: See the notes for every other one of these. It's exactly the same word for word.

Name: Repeating Crossbows
Used by: Wutai defences
Scarcity: Uncommon
Power Level: Normal
Known Properties: An anti-air defence that shoots arrows fast. Think of a medival gatling gun. I still prefer a cordon of longbowmen myself, but to each their own.
History: Developed during the Wingly War to hold off the aerial invaders, they failed to stem the tide. Though perhaps in the years that come after they may have been improved...
Notable Appearances: Along the way - specifics of the repeating crossbow are mentioned (although I find it hard to believe ANY crossbow bolt will ever travel faster than an arrow...)
Notes: See notable appearances. But then, what place does reality have here?

Name: Rival the Grey
Used by: Reako
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike
Known Properties: None are known just yet as he's only used the thing once as a generic weapon. However, it is rumoured that the weapon is connected to the Eternals somehow.
History: Reako picked up this weapon during his long period of training between the two Bardic Wars. Just don't ask me how he was training between a war that never happened and the war that technically followed it.
Notable Appearance: Pain, pain, and, you guessed it, more pain... - Reako uses this sword alongside the Atma Weapon. Unlike the Atma Weapon though, he didn't hand this one to Krono.
Notes: Not much is known about this sword, yet. There are two threads in the works right now though which ought to clarify what this sword is a bit.

Name: Save the Queen
Used by: Edgar
Scarcity: Scarce
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: It's a knight sword with a basic defensive enchantment on it to help protect its wielder.
History: Found in a Canadian Armory, it was taken by the swordsman Edgar. It's believed that the defensive enchantment on the sword saved his life when he faced Halifax in melee combat.
Notable Appearance: None, it hasn't been used yet. But it will be eventually.
Notes: A rare enough sword, it's still high quality and good for anyone without their own legendary or god-like weapon. (X) Which is like, what, two or three people on the planet?

Name: Silver Crossbow
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Godlike (at one time at least. But after a few more shards of Mediggo it may need to be downgraded.)
Known Properties: 32 layers of magical protection and managed to survive despite being one of SYE's weapons.
History: This weapon was used extensively during the Wingly War, but hasn't really been seen since.
Notable Appearances: Rush to the Forge - First use of the Shard of Mediggo
Notes: A true survivor, I salute this weapon that has managed to survive longer than most of SYE's other equipment. (X) Not to mention SYE.

Name: Sword of Cutting Stuff +3.14
Used by: SYE
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Normal (what, 3.14 ain't much)
Known Properties: It cuts stuff. And really, who asks for more from a sword?
History: It appeared once as a bad attempt by another poster who shall remain nameless to replicte SYE's style. It served its purpose and has presumably gone to the weapon afterlife along with most of SYe's other beleagured equipment.
Notable Appearances: There's always a way - It carves up the rune of apathy
Notes: Yet another forgotten weapon, let us not mourn for this one as it was never that remarkable to start with.

Name: Wand of Apocalypse
Used by: Section Yea Eighth
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Like most SYE stuff, this defies easy catagorization, but let's go with Godlike given its purpose.
Known Properties: When used properly it becomes the main part of a Steriotypical Doomsday Machine. Other than ending the world, it also summons up perfectly tastly crumpets.
History: When SYE got his hands on it during the Real Bardic Wars he made a steriotypical doomsday machine. However, his plans to destroy all exsistance were stopped when Bob showed up.
Notable Appearance: Mwahahahahahahaha - it's sole appearance. And world apocalypse.
Notes: It ain't so bad if you keep it away from crazed mad scientists and SYE.

Name: Warp Blades
Used by: Krono
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Over-par
Known Properties: A dual energy blade weapon belonging to Krono. Perfectly suited to fast melee combat due to their short length. When crossed they send out a powerful energy blast.
History: These twin blades were used first against the Beasts of Rodir and then they popped up again in a battle against random monsters in Epsilon's fortress.
Notable Appearance: Ok, if you insist - a fine example of their usage showing both their striking power and their energy attack
Notes: Read it, if only because it's actually one of the better generic fight scenes from that early on. (Krono) Don't you mean one of the only generic fight scenes from early on?

Name: Watarimono
Used by: Valen
Scarcity: Unique
Power Level: Legendary
Known Properties: This blade is made of dischord making it lethal to bards. Especially the Bardic Demi-Goddess Daryl.
History: This weapon has been held by Valen since his youth. He used it with lethal proficiency during the Real Bardic War and the Eternima Saga. However, at the end of the Eternima Saga in a touching post, he uses it as a grave marker for the fallen Liquid-X. Whether he retrieves his sword now that Liquid-X is back or not is in question though.
Notable Appearance: I don't think I'll let you do that - uses it to cast a spell, Valen looked on, shocked - Watarimono's final use...
Notes: A very nice ending for such a sword, though I doubt that'll be the end for it just yet. Then again, I've been horribly wrong before... (Webrunner) What *ISNT* Lethal to bards? If you swing a pillow properly you can knock out a bard.