M.A.C. stands for Magitek Armored Corps. It is the name given to the authorized fighting forces of the nations that exist 2000 years ahead of current day Gaera. The MAC was created after a series of pointless wars utilizing both machines and magic. In a peace treaty, signed in the year 3023, the MAC's purpose was sealed to protect peace in all nations and preserve life. Most that come to the academy's to train come for that purpose and upon graduation seek jobs in law enforcement or politics. To be in the MAC is not merely to become a fighter.

However, there are still those that want to harness the power of this new world that has blended machine, man, and magic. They have chosen a path aside from one that has claimed prestige in order to pursue means that they feel are fulfilling. There still even those that would choose the simple life of 2000 years ago and disown the technology of today. What role in life will your character choose....?

Here some of the general classes of players in the world. Teks--
Teks are the Magitek Armor using force. By accessing the "Cyberplane", they are capable of control their powerful armors and still attack with magic. Because they're magic is better suited for the complex cyberplain and armor attacks, they tend to be awkward using magic outside of their mechs.
Mages are the magic using force, most often seen on the field with the machinist or zipping through the fields on "razorblades", motorized, skate-like shoes the gives them greater mobility and frees their hands for magic attacks. They are excellent spies and ambassadors outside of battle, though they tend to be arrogant.
Machinist wield great machines of destruction in battle, guns, cannons, mecha, anything that they can create. Off the field they are mechanics and technicians, delighting in designing and upgrading armors and mecha. A Tek was more than once suprised by a slew of machinists "improving" his armor.

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